September 2018  
Rector's Msg.


“But I trust in you, O LORD; I say, “You are my God.” My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of
my enemies and from my persecutors!” Psalm 31:14-15

My phone just told me, that twelve years ago, on this date (August 19), I was ordained by the Bishop of Dallas
to the Diaconate. I feel like I have lived six lifetimes since then and yet I can still remember the feeling of
laying facedown before the altar and hearing the congregation singing and sensing the power of the Holy Spirit
moving in that place.

The memories of that time are not all wonderful. In fact, the week leading up to the event was one of the
hardest of life. It had been fraught with trauma. The first event was that Clara, who was only a little girl at the
time, was running down the hallway of our house, while looking back over her shoulder and laughing, and ran
into a corner of the wall and knocked herself unconscious. We took her to the hospital and had her checked out
and she turned out to be fine. The second event was that Sarah was sleeping on the floor of her bedroom and
during her nap her ceiling fan fell and landed directly on her head. By some miracle the three glass shades
positioned themselves around her head and didn’t break, but the motor collided squarely with her temple.
Hearing the crash, we ran into the room to see the fan on her head and just a few wires left in the ceiling. She
came to and we took her to the hospital, where after a scan of her brain they found her to be fine as well.
Finally, the night before my ordination Tara had a miscarriage and we spent the night in the hospital.

The next day we dragged ourselves to the cathedral for the service. We were spent. We were exhausted
physically and emotionally. Yet in the midst of that service, as the bishop laid his hands on me and the church
prayed for me, I felt the power of God lifting me out of the sadness, anxiety, confusion, and pain of the week
and holding me fast in His love.

There are times in our lives that are dark and disorienting, where we cannot tell what way to go. Yet even in
those times the Lord is there. In retrospect, I can clearly see His hand at work, leading us and, despite the
circumstances, protecting us. Indeed it seems as though the juxtaposition of the bitter and the sweet made that
week so profound. I do not know what kind of place this newsletter will find you in, but I pray that wherever
you are and whatever the circumstances, that you can feel the presence of the Lord with you, and that like the
psalmist you entrust your times into the Lord’s hand.

In Christ,


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